New Gaming Stuff

20 Feb 2009
Posted by jcfiala

Although I did get some interesting-looking games at GenghisCon - where I was coordinating the RPGs this year, and thus didn't get to play - what I've been looking forward to just arrived in the mail yesterday, although I didn't notice the slim package until I walked out this morning. And that's the 'White Box' edition of Swords & Wizardry along with the first two issues of 'Fight On', all sent from Lulu.

Fight On issue #3 I tried on a lark, and found that it was a magnificent lark of old school gaming content - there's a huge region stated out with encounters, there's a dungeon level, there's npcs, random tables, and articles about the birth of roleplaying games and the Judges Guild. So, I thought I'd try issues #1 and #2, and give them a try, and while I"m at it, why not get Swords & Wizardry, a generic OGL version of the original D&D, before they stuck 'Basic' or 'Advanced' on the name. I got the 'White Box' edition, which was cheaper and contains content similar to the original 3 books. (Which you can apparently buy on rpgnow, btw.)

I've been really enjoying reading up on some of the old-school blogs that are out there, and it's interesting reading about gaming from a different perspective.