Denver City Grid - A Netrunner Fan Page

Ten years ago, when the original Netrunner game was popular, I had a Denver City Grid webpage where I posted a few events that were happening locally. Now that FFG is releasing Android: Netrunner as a LCG, I'm spinning up an instance once again to tempt runners and corps to come together for games. At the moment this is more of a placeholder, but once the game comes out I'm hoping we can get underway.

Colorado Netrunner Groups

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Colorado Netrunner Events

It's now been long enough that there's a number of regularly occurring Netrunnner events set up:

  • 1st and 3rd Sundays at Dark Matter Games, from Noon to about 5:00.
  • Monday nights 6:30ish - 10p at Haunted Game Cafe in Ft Collins.
  • Wednesday nights 6:30ish - 9:30p at Total Escape Games in Broomfield.
  • Tuesday nights 6pm - 8pm at Petrie's Family Games in Colorado Springs.
  • The Second and Fourth Saturdays, there's Netrunner games at the Wizard's Chest in Cherry Creek. (They also have a Thursday night game, but which Thursday night it is is uncertain - check their calendar.)