Dries Keynote

05 Mar 2009
Posted by jcfiala

Dries keynote

Keynote starting! :)

wants everyone to say hi.

State of Drupal
"Drupal rocks" - gets applause

Dries starting at 19/20?
showing off original message board - drop.org
own improvements + suggestions -> open source, 1.0.0 january 15, 2001
Need to continue to convince people to use drupal and your own modules.

history of drupal, mostly.
small meeting room in hotel, sold out 20 people, booked a second room, sold out again, and then a suite. 45 people - "amazing"

robert douglass - first drupal book - building online communities
lots of drupal books now.
showing off new drupal look.

code sprint for new drupal
drupal keeps doubling - 3 terabytes data per month?
more than 4000 modules
and it's free!

long tail of contributions - collaboration over planning
Code Freeze September 1 2009 -> six months until then.

tests - 78% and 100% pass.

linking machines, pages, data, things
"Giant global graph" - web 3.0
semantic web,
a movement needs a mission.
difference between telling people what to do and creating a movement.