Now posting from!

22 Mar 2009
Posted by jcfiala


This is my first post coming in from my new (ish) website at That's my official website now, and I'm planning to be posting from there (well, here) from now on, using a lovely drupal module to copy the posts over here to livejournal. For the moment I'm leaving comments open at both locations, but hopefully some of you will come over to my site and set up accounts - I've turned on openid authentication, so you can create an account with your livejournal account by entering in your journal url minus the http: - for instance, mine would be

I've been meaning to set up this switch for a little while now - I've already posted a couple of blog posts there, but from now on they'll be mirrored on livejournal. I want to make comments about life, Drupal, D&D, and other things that come to mind... so hopefully this will also get me to post more often too.

See you around!