Stranded in Boulder

26 Mar 2009
Posted by jcfiala

So, here I am, stranded in Boulder.

My bosses here at pingVision are pretty cool, and once it became apparent that the snow was going to be just this bad, and reports kept coming in from various quarters of the problems folks were having with the traffic, they were kind enough to feed us all early and send us on our way back home. Unfortunately in my case this release was a little too late - RTD had already shut down all of it's traffic down to Denver, and it wasn't clear if they would be opening for the day... so I got a room here in Boulder for the night.

I'm staying at a lovely little bed & breakfast called 'The Bradley' - the rooms are great with hot tubs, lovely large beds, gas fireplaces and all, but still I'm a bit restless - it's not my home, and I don't have any of the little conveniences on tap that I would have brought if I'd planned to stay here. So, here I am, still awake, borrowing the hotel's computer to make a little blog post. Or heck, I'd be fine without my little conveniences if I just had my wife along with me. It would be a lovely place to spend time with her, and I already find myself thinking of spiriting her up here for a weekend sometime soon so we can enjoy it together... I wonder if they allow cats?

Oh - and this is cute - they have little wooden cats curled up on the sheets on each bed. ^_^ Of course, this makes me miss my own cats a little more.

Tomorrow I'll walk over to work - I'm scant blocks away - and then tomorrow night I'll gleefully jump onto a bus home and rejoin my wife. It sounds marvelous.