A fantastic weekend in preparation for Paris

24 Aug 2009
Posted by jcfiala

This last weekend was really a lot of fun. It's our last weekend here in Denver before we take off for Paris this Saturday, and so there was a fair amount of preparation for that going on.

To start with we headed off to Weight Watchers, which I hadn't been to in a month due to... well, a mix of different reasons, including my trip recently to LA for DrupalCampLA. Happily, it turns out I'd lost another 1.4 lbs, which means I've lost more than fifteen pounds! That, followed with a little breakfast over at the Village Inn (free wifi!) was a beautiful start to the day. We then slipped into Best Buy to look for the new Professor Layton game, coming out this week - I was hoping it might be out early. It wasn't. Ah, well.

After that we came home. Tammy was having a little problem with dizziness, so she went and laid down while I enjoyed the cool breezes on the porch with a drink and (eventually) the mail. It's nice being able to check email and tweets on my iPod from the porch - a lot less cumbersome than getting my laptop set up out there.

I started to poke at my BackReference module for Drupal. I'm trying to add feature compatibility to it, which means poking a little at cTools. Before I got too far into that, Tammy returned downstairs and reminded me to check the times for Julia & Julie, the movie we both wanted to see. After a bit of checking, we saw we had a bunch of time before the next showings, so we took off to Chick fil A for lunch.

Mmmm. Yummeh.

That taken care of, we wandered over to MicroCenter to check out power converters for the France Trip. Tammy found one that also did a USB port, we wandered through the game area (no Layton), and I ducked into the book store to find a copy of the Pocket Guide to Ruby and a book on gaming that was on clearance for $1.99. I really love O'Reilly's Pocket Guides, they're really useful. My Regular Expressions pocket guide has a crease in it.

That paid for, we took off to the Belmar Theater, which is nice because it doesn't do a lot of ads before a movie. We squeezed in during the previews, discovering that the theater was really very crowded. The movie was really fantastic... well, the Julia Childs parts were fantastic, and the Julia parts were... alright, I guess. But, very much worth going to see.

That done we slipped into a Game Stop nearby and preordered some Professor Layton, as well as found a wire to recharge the DS from USB, which will let us recharge from the computer in Paris. Happy with what we found, we headed home and enjoyed a night of Final Fantasy Online (Tammy) and Backreference coding (myself).

The next day was hot, and Tammy and I took off downtown to join our friends at Dixon's for brunch. How can you be out of Whipped Cream, for crissakes? Otherwise, breakfast was nice, and it was good to see everyone. Since we had a good parking spot - hard on a Sunday, when parking is free downtown - we took off up to Floyd's barber shop, where I got a needed haircut. I think she cut my beard a bit too short, but everyone keeps saying I look good. Ah, well...

That done we swung by the Pacific Mercantile for Pocky and Wasabi peas, and then went by Target to get some Travel Pillows. While there Tammy found a mini-skirt that *fit* her off the *rack* and looks *fantastic*, which is something that I'm still enjoying the thrill of - she's really in great shape now. Along with that we got me a shirt, the needed travel pillows, and a nice shoulder travel bag for Tammy to carry stuff in as we go around Paris.

So, we went home, and did Laundry! 4 days to Paris!