So, here I am in Paris...

30 Aug 2009
Posted by jcfiala

Well, I'm in Paris!

The flight out here was as good as expected - a quick trip on a plane down to Charlotte, a dash from terminal to terminal to catch the Paris flight, and then up, up and away! We even arrived a little early thanks to a tailwind that pushed us on our way. We helped Matthew (a co worker) collect his bags, and then met up with Greggles, another Drupaller who arrived moments after we did, and took a cab from the airport - for four people it was much more pleasant than daring the underground on such little sleep.

Once here we had breakfast in a little cafe before the apartment opened, we then moved into the apartment, discovering the the internet we'd been waiting for was no longer available. Once we'd dropped off our stuff we started wandering around the area, finding a long farmers market which was set up underneath the raised train tracks nearby. It was very busy and smelled fantastic, but we didn't quite buy anything. We did discover that the local McDonalds has a decent coffee and a nice internet connection for free, and as such we've become used to dropping by to get internet and coffee occcasionally.

The day went on, dragging. I didn't want to sleep until at least 8pm so I could get over the Jet Lag, but it was hard going. We walked over to the Eiffel tower, but the access to the third floor was shut, so we decided not to. So, we walked over towards the Arch de Triumph, which turned out to be too far for my tired feet. But along the way we passed by a fantastic museam which had covered it's walls in moss, dirt, and a profusion of different plants of all sorts, clinging to the walls. We turned back at the Seine, sending myself and Tammy on the train (which was tricky - the trains were nowhere near as long as the platform) while the rest of them (Al, Grace, Matthew) walked back to the apartment.

Once there I largely was flattened. I dozed/read while they tried to find some dinner to bring back, which ended up being near flavorless chicken sandwiches which were only saved by the quality of the bread, and the quality of the wine which had been procured as well. Once the food was in me, I was dead, and made my way back to the bedroom and passed out until 6am.

But! 6am and we're wide awake, and it's a good morning. Begone, Jet Lag, it is time to enjoy Paris before Drupalcon Paris begins!