A Little of This and That

10 Dec 2009
Posted by jcfiala

Haven't blogged in a while - keep meaning to do deep meaningful posts, and then forget to actually do them. Sigh.

Feeling pretty sick right now - got some kind of headache and crud and cold feet thing. Not sure what it is, but I'm already really tired of it.

I've got the Xbox 360 finally hooked up properly. I got it last year after getting interested in it when visiting my brother James' place - he had one, we played, it seemed neat. Last year you got a free copy of Lego Indiana Jones with it, which was pretty cool to play, but as things piled up and other activities stole our attention, it just lay there unused - I unplugged the power brick (more like two bricks) about a week into us not using it. But, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner for some friends this year, and that involved doing a huge overhaul of the living room area, and as part of that I packed away the PS2 and GameCube that we never used, and put out the Xbox, keeping in mind the troubles with overheating it has. Along with that, I grabbed a wireless do-hicky for it - I'm glad I waited for that, actually, because the latest wireless do-hickys do wireless N.

And now it's cool because in addition to games, I've got it talking to my desktop, and streaming video to my TV. It's a lot more fun to sit back on the couch and watch something on the big screen than to watch it on the computer, where other things keep wanting to distract me.

Been working on consulting jobs for a while now, pretty much having totally left pingVision behind. Consulting is paying good, and I'm enjoying the job, although I wish I didn't have to pay myself for all this sick time. Denver's a pretty good place to be in the tech market.

On other tech items, I'm looking into Django. It's a python based web framework, and it's much more low-level than Drupal is. Still playing around with it and seeing how it works, though. Holiday stuff and this nasty bug have put a crimp in learning more right now.

Oh, and I turned 40 recently. Bit of a change, but it's mostly sucked because of headaches and can't breathe, than anything else. It's like I'm getting a preview of being 80 or something.