Late May is usually nice...

29 May 2011
Posted by jcfiala

Things are going really well with the baby. Wednesday, Tammy went in for another ultrasound, where they determined that everything they could see is definitely a-ok, and that in another three months we'll have a baby girl to enjoy. Since she had to take the afternoon off to go to the doctor, she headed up to Boulder, where I'd been working for almost two months, to join me.

She found a nice parking spot and joined me, and we went into the Med restaurant, which serves Mediterranean food. It was happy hour, so their Tapas was half price, and instead of ordering a couple of meals we went for a small personal buffet of mushrooms, bacon-wrapped dates, squid, falafel, etc. Tasty and light, and once we were done we went for a wander around Boulder, roughly following the Boulder Creek, and ending up at the Farmer's Market that shows up on Wednesday nights and Saturdays. There we ducked into a very small museum for a bit, and picked up a couple of six inch pies, one apple and one blueberry, which were lightly sweetened and very tasty. Our legs heavy by this point, we made our way back to the car and headed home to enjoy some of that pie.

Which made the next day a little more difficult. I'd been having some trouble at work - I'd started less than two months ago, really, but I think I didn't have the same idea of what the job would entail that they did, and.. well, things weren't going that great for me. I don't want to go into detail about it, and I'm perfectly willing to admit that part of the problem lies with me - it usually does in any disagreement, I think. So, I faced facts, and informed the management that it just wasn't working out. I picked up my desk, removed the pii from the computer, and wandered back home.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine from before - Jamie Mann, or JM - is visiting from California. A mixture of bad luck and (I suspect) some bad planning lead to him losing his home, and he's back in Denver to re-start his life up. It's not a great weekend to start a job search, but it looks like we might have a place for him to stay (that isn't my couch) shortly.

So, life is in flux, but the important bits are doing fine, and I'm feeling pretty good about my future.