A Light Weekend of Diaper Changing

22 Aug 2011
Posted by jcfiala

I just had a nice light weekend. Mostly it entailed diaper changes on baby Rose, although a fair amount of time was spent driving around to deliver a baby shower present.

Parenting, so far, has been generally easy. Admittedly this is partially thanks to my mother's help, who flew out early to help us get by this month, but really at this point my duties as a parent are like this:

  • Feed Baby
  • Change Diapers / Keep Baby Clean
  • Burp Baby
  • Hold Baby

I mean, it's not rocket science at this point, and I can't even help that much with the Feeding other than fetching Tammy snacks, water, and whatever while she's busy feeding the baby. It's kind of nice - I know there's going to be harder bits coming up (teeth which need to be brushed, real food for the baby, teaching her how to talk, etc), but as a starting parent, out of the gate, it's not that complex. Yes, there's some times when you are trying to figure out why the baby won't stop crying, but eventually we work it out.

And again, much love to Tammy, who is doing a lot of the work with the kid, especially at night.

This weekend didn't get much else done, really. Oh, I put some time in on fixing up my computer - the hard drive where my OS is is a bit cramped, and so I eventually ended up moving my iTunes to the D: drive to free up some space, and I'm trying to organize all of the Virtual Machines that I use. But I need to put some more time in on fixing up this site - new theme, for one - and I think I need to find some time for the Link module soon. Happily, I've been contacted by another developer who wants to help out.