Things to be thankful for: My parents

01 Nov 2011
Posted by jcfiala

John Scalzi is doing a bunch of posts this month about things he's thankful for, and I thought I might follow suit.

I'm thankful for - my family.

Really. They're great. I never met my Grandfathers that I can clearly remember, but both of my Grandmothers were helpful, supportive, and loving. My parents are great parents - again, supportive, loving, fun, helpful, etc. My Mom would pull me out of school to go to the first baseball game of the season. My Dad was willing to stop whatever he was doing and explain anything I had a question about. They respected my privacy and personal space when it made sense to, and intervened when necessary, such as the time I hid a report card in my closet so I wouldn't have to deal with the low grades. (Yeah, that's stupid, but I was a kid, y'know.) My brothers are fun too - I don't talk to them as much as I should, but then they don't call me much either. And besides, I suspect Bill's upset at all the times I would jump out of dark corners at him, still.

I hear a lot of crap about other people's families, from a to z, problems and confusions and issues. Me, I won the lottery of families, and if I can manage to be as good a parent to Rose as my parents were to me, then I'll have done a good job.

Thanks guys.