This and That, January 2010 Edition

17 Jan 2010
Posted by admin

A mixture of short items I thought I should mention.

  • My friends and I have started up a coop of developers and web designers, called Vintage Digital, and now we've got a website and you can see a picture of me from when I was visiting Boston for Drupalcon there. I also posted a huge blog post going over how to update Ubercart so it can handle multi-currency. If you're interested, have a look.
  • This weekend was MagnaCon, a boardgame convention held to raise money for the Whittier Community Center and Food Bank of the Rockies. I haven't been there all weekend, but it seemed to be really busy Friday and Saturday, and I suspect they brought in a chunk of money - well, so I hope. I did the website, including a bit of fancy coding for registering for games, and there may be a blog post coming out of that in time.
  • Yesterday I found a book from the Denver Library that I had managed to lose for a few months. sigh So, I went out and hit both libraries to return books (Denver and Jefferson County), and then drove up Wadsworth Blvd to Black & Read, which was basically me going from 0th to 80th street, for those of you not in Denver. It was a bit nostalgic - I used to drive up along Wadsworth a lot when I first arrived in Denver, but now that I'm living over by I-25 I usually just take I-25 to 70 or 36. It was interesting to see what was changing (such as the construction for the light rail heading west) and what was the same, as I wound my way up north. Sadly, B&R didn't have a copy of the Talisman board game that I wanted, but I did pick up a copy of Eclipse Phase and GURPS Mysteries, as well as a few volumes of the 'less angst' version of Evangelion, the manga.
  • Today I re-awoke the Car Wars nerd inside of me by playing Rush 'n' Crush, a new board game by AEG. It's nicely done - Car Wars meets Formula D - with modular boards featuring all sorts of interesting blockages, and cars that have complexity without requiring a ton of different counters to keep track of. I really liked it, and bought a copy quickly, and am looking forward to seeing expansions in the future. If you are looking at it, don't get a heart attack from the rulebooks! They're printed in five or six different languages, so the game isn't as complex as it looks!

And that's the news from Denver, Colorado.