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Starfest Fun in 2011

18 Apr 2011
Posted by jcfiala

So, this past weekend was Starfest, the media sf convention that is put on in Denver every Spring. It includes a HorrorFest and a ComicFest at the same time, which is nice, but unfortunately makes things a little crowded at the moment. I wasn't able to attend last time because Drupalcon in San Francisco was the same weekend, but this year we dropped by.

I was mainly interested in seeing Marc Gunn, a celtic singer and song writer who I've been following since he was half of the Brobdingnagian Bards, who I first met in person at an earlier convention where I managed to be the entire audience. It was great seeing him in person, although his short stint in the Atrium suffered from a terrible audio speaker. I also got some other CDs from a group called Pandora Celtica.

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A mixture of short items I thought I should mention.

  • My friends and I have started up a coop of developers and web designers, called Vintage Digital, and now we've got a website and you can see a picture of me from when I was visiting Boston for Drupalcon there. I also posted a huge blog post going over how to update Ubercart so it can handle multi-currency. If you're interested, have a look.
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Coming up this weekend is MileHiCon 41, the convention that not only am I attending, not only am I attending some panels, but I am also hosting my tenth anniversary party with my darling wife Tammy.

We originally got married on October 23rd, 1999, and every year we're happy to celebrate our marriage with our friends, surrounded by geeky wonderfulness. Five years ago we celebrated that anniversary with a party, and this year, on Saturday, we're celebrating our tenth. If you know either of us, feel free to drop by if you're at the con, and help us drink this alcohol we scored for the party. We've even picked up Crystal Skull Vodka.

As I said, I've also got a few events on the schedule: