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Boy, having a kid changes how you do stuff.

Way back a year ago, before I had had to stop freelancing to get insurance, I was a fairly early user of http://www.kickstarter.com/, enjoying searching the site and finding things to put money down on. This was way before the explosion of board game kickstarters, and so when the kickstarter for Rolling Freight showed up I was all in on a copy. For one, my wife runs the train gaming at GenghisCon and is a major train gamer, and I thought she'd probably find having a copy of this useful. For another, I had a lot of disposable income when I was freelancing. I figured it would have been a great Christmas present for Tammy last year, but production of the game dragged on, and amusingly enough I got the package only a few days shy of the first anniversary of when the kickstarter finished.

Posted by jcfiala

Coming up this weekend is MileHiCon 41, the convention that not only am I attending, not only am I attending some panels, but I am also hosting my tenth anniversary party with my darling wife Tammy.

We originally got married on October 23rd, 1999, and every year we're happy to celebrate our marriage with our friends, surrounded by geeky wonderfulness. Five years ago we celebrated that anniversary with a party, and this year, on Saturday, we're celebrating our tenth. If you know either of us, feel free to drop by if you're at the con, and help us drink this alcohol we scored for the party. We've even picked up Crystal Skull Vodka.

As I said, I've also got a few events on the schedule: