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Posted by jcfiala

The Continental Deli/Sausage in Cherry Creek North is a great little place to eat lunch at, or to go shopping for old world food and snacks. Andy turned me onto the place, and we went there today for lunch. I got a bratwurst (with apple and beer in it) along with sauerkraut and potato salad, and he got Gulash on some sort of noodles. Both were really good - although I couldn't finish my sauerkraut.

While there we saw some large chocolate ladybugs. Not chocolate-covered ladybugs, but chocolate like you see chocolate Santas - molded out of chocolate with foil wrapped around. According to the deli lady, in Germany they're considered good luck, so they make treats out of them. She also mentioned that Germans like pigs for good luck, and as it turns out when we got to the register there was a bucket of marzipan pig heads for sale.