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Changes in my Life

27 Mar 2011
Posted by jcfiala

It's hardly a secret among people I know personally, but I've fallen out of the habit of blogging, so I haven't posted it here. After being married for nearly eleven years, my wife Tammy is finally pregnant! We've been terribly happy for months now as the news has sunk in - first keeping it to ourselves through the first trimester (which we were told was the most iffy part of the pregnancy), and then slowly starting to tell others - first our parents on Christmas, then friends, and now Tammy's been posting to facebook with updates.

To answer the question that usually comes up at this point - yes, we do know, and it's a Girl.

This is probably one of the biggest changes in my life. Getting married wasn't this much of a change - at the time we were living together anyway, and were pretty effectively married in thought even if we hadn't gone through the ceremony yet. But this... this is going to change everything.

Posted by jcfiala

This year it was Tammy's turn to choose, so we are down in New Bern North Carolina to visit her family. We left on Christmas Eve, which meant that we actually unwrapped gifts from each other (and from my family) on the 23rd, which was a little odd. She really loved the Falling Water Lego set I got her, and the foot tall Nene Thomas Fairy doll that I found. I got some neat books, some video games, and a 32 gig flash drive that I sorely needed.

The actual travel was a bit miserable. I wasn't feeling very well that day, and was half-asleep through the entire flight, except for when I made the mistake of trying to move my legs during the flights. I'm not very fond of the legroom they give you these days. We finally flew into Raleigh airport (which looked very nice) and had our two hour drive down to New Bern. (Usually we try to fly into New Bern's airport, but unfortunately all the flights were full when we went for tickets.)